Adobe Target API and MCID / ECID




We are trying to implement Adobe Target API next to Launch (with Adobe Analytics and Experience Cloud ID Service).

We would like to:

  1. get the variant content via the Adobe Target API call before Adobe Analytics / Experience Cloud ID Service is loaded.
    • for that, we would like to use Server Side Batch Delivery call: Target API v1.0
  2. to see the results of the tests (variation / unique visitors / conversions etc.) in Adobe Analytics
    • for that, we could use Data Insertion API as described here: Target API v1.0


The Data Insertion API requres one of the following parameters to be passed:

  • mcid
  • vid
  • aid

However, none of them is available at 1).


  • How do we make sure 1) and 2) are linked in terms of some common id that would allow for proper serving of experiences for each user as well as tracking the test and variation name in Adobe Analytics via Data Insertion API?
  • Perhaps there's some other way you would suggest approaching the implementation of the server-side testing combined with test reporting in Adobe Analytics?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Lukasz,

Is your server making the Target API calls, and then the browser making the ECID/AA calls?

If so, then after the very first page view your server should be able to see the mcid in the AMCV_... cookie set by the ECID. You can use that to pass #2.

In the case of a first-time-first-page I'll double check on the best method, but it might be doable if you just time the #2 after the ECID has run client side and then make the #2 call. I believe as long as #2 fires within the same session window you are fine - so it can be delayed.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)



What we do now is the following:

1) Request the ECID by calling[VER]&d_fieldgroup=MC&d_rtbd=json&d_ver=2&d_verify=1&d_nsid=0&... as described here:

2) Request content for mboxes and test information (tnta) by calling Adobe Target (Server Side Batch Delivery API call). This is done with the ECID from 1)

3) Send data to Adobe Analytics by using the Data Insertion API. This is done with the value of tnta from 2).

Do you have any comments regarding this solution?

How can we immedately pass the value of tnta together with the regular Adobe Analytics call (and not a seperate Data Insertion API call described in 3)? Setting s.tnta in s_doPlugins in Custom Code in Launch Adobe Analytics extension didn't work.