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Hi Guys,

Recently I have tried to do the A/B testing for one of my client websites and I have used the redirect option to redirect the page to a different one.

But when redirecting the Experience B, there is an encrypted link after the original link followed like this:

It seems like phishing the users. So How can I able to mask or remove this code from the original link URL?

I need to show only the original link URL.

I need your help guys

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Hi Mike,

Sure, Here I am sharing the solution to all of you guys.

For those who want to redirect without the encrypted link, Here is the solution.

If you need to redirect a link URL with a different link URL for Experience A & B.

Experience A:

Experience B:

Don't use the below-mentioned method on the A/B testing activity for redirection.


This will work, but you will get redirected with an encrypted link after the original domain as mentioned below: 4415BC85-25F09354020D0A74%7CMCORGID%3D2C488785558BC9F67F000101%40AdobeOrg%7CTS%3D157138104 0&adobe_mc_ref=https%3A%2F%2F

This looks like pishing,

Even if you uncheck the "Include Current Query Parameters" too it's not going to work.

Screenshot (1219).png

Try this method: Click the plus symbol on the "Modifications" menu which is on the right side of the experience activity.

Screenshot (1220).png

Select the "Modifications" and the screen will look like the image attached below:

Screenshot (1221).png

Select the Modification Type: you will get 3 options to choose from.

Select the "Custom Code" section from the Modification Type:

Screenshot (1222).png

Replace the link URL with your Experience B link URL. Click save!

Screenshot (1224).png

That's it, guys. you're ready to redirect the Experience B without the encrypted mbox session-id after the original link URL.

if you face any issues please let me know...





Please share your solution with us! Much appreciated.

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