Adobe ID is not linked with your Adobe Experience Cloud solution account

randradebbva 13-04-2020

When trying to access Adobe Target, I received below message, and not able to continue (everything worked fine until Apr 8th).


Any guidence is highly appreciated.


Welcome to Adobe Experience Cloud

It seems that your Adobe ID is not linked with your Adobe Experience Cloud solution accounts
Please get in touch with your Org Administrator or Adobe Enterprise Support.

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Please reach out to your admin and have them double check that you are set up under the Target product profile as an Approver. They can do that from Menu > Admin > Target Here is a screenshot: 


skand 17-04-2020

@randradebbva  :

Since you mentioned it was working earlier till 8th (you were able to access target earlier), So I would suggest :

1. Confirm you have target profiles assigned by Experience Cloud System administrators as explained very well by @mikewebguy .

2. If still issue persists then -

    a. Try incognito window of browser or clear your browser cache & cookies to make sure new changes reflect.

    b. Try in another System

    c. Try in different Network.

3. Are you facing the issue only accessing the target or with other solutions as well ?