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Hi There,

I was trying to see the results for link click tracking in both Adobe Analytics & Adobe Target.

After, I used the Adobe Target to select the click element from the experience B and saved the file and activated. Here the existing link tag which was created for Adobe Analytics link tracking was not populated after I clicked the hyperlink. In the image request I can able to see the Adobe Target call but not Adobe Analytics call for Link Tracking.

I believe it should show both the image request at the time of hyperlink click right?. Please correct me if am wrong and can you kindly help me on this. For your information, both the tools I have added in to the DTM (Dynamic Tag Management) portal.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




There is a mechanism for disabling target on a specific page load that will help us determine if target is causing this or not.

Try appending this to the url: "?mboxDisable=1" (or, use "&mboxDisable=1" if you already have a parameter).

This will disable Target for that specific page load. If you are seeing the Analytics click-tracking event fire under that condition, but you are not seeing it fire when Target is enabled, then we might need more details to determine whether this is a bug or not.

Hope this was helpful!

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