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Simon_Pilkowski 12-07-2016

Hi everyone,

I have set up an activity within Adobe Target and I want to use Adobe Analytics as reporting source.
In addition I have chosen "Use an analytics metric" for my goal metric.

On my page actually the test is implemented and working (I can see the different experinces). 
I can see my success event going out and I can see this event being reported in Adobe Analytics.

Nevertheless my Activity Conversions stays 0. Within Activity impressions I can see this test has traffic.

Can anyone help me?
Shall I usually see traffic going to Target when my success event is being send or is this conversion tracking happening server side?


Thank you in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Simon_Pilkowski 13-07-2016

Just in case someone will encounter the same problem, here is the solution for my problem.

In order to let Adobe Target measure conversions based Analytics metrics, you will need the Adobe Visitor ID Service (I had it running). 
But you will have to ensure that Visitor ID Service is being loaded before Target (this is where my problem was).

Loading order:

1. Adobe Visitor ID Service 
2. Adobe Target 
3. Adobe Analytics

I just wanted to share my solution if someone will have the same issues.




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

ParitMittal 13-07-2016

Thanks Simon for sharing the answer to your query. It will greatly benefit the community. 

Also, Just to verify I am assuming your refer to Adobe Marketing Cloud Id Service  i.e. MCVID by saying Adobe Visitor ID service.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal