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Hi there, I cannot add a rule using site pages to display different content in Control page and Experience A. I test only control and 1 experience.

I try to add a rule in an experience targeting activity to display a content, different from the control page. Using Target standard, in audience section, I selected Landing page and Current page from Site pages rule to verify if the URL contains a specific 'content'. However, when I open the experience A page, the specific content is not displayed, always Control page content is there.

I can see difference between Query and Domain in Current Page, however it doesn't work for experience targeting.


Suggestions? or do you have some references or exemples to see how does it work, please?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to Adobe Community.

It might sound obvious but do you have the Target Library on your site. If you are using the VEC then you need to have an additional line added to the .js file.


Also: kindly look at the below troubleshooting article for help: