Add new success metrics to a test once its live

mattk84335255 11-09-2019

Is this possible?

The test was set up to Auto allocate to best performing experience so it seems Target was used as the reporting source for the test.

Only we need to understand how the test experiences is performing on other key success metrics and we cant seem to add them in.

Is there a way to do this or use analytics to see the users in the current test and then report on them that way?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



It is not recommended to change reporting source from Target to Analytics (A4T) after the activity has been started. If you need to look at the data in Analytics what is recommended is to end the existing activity and re-create it and this time set Analytics (A4T) as the reporting source.

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Answers (3)


@Mattk8433255, Also currently A4T reporting is not supported for Auto allocate A/B activities. The list of supported activity types can be found at A4T overview

mattk84335255 12-09-2019

OK thanks so what it sounds like, its not possible to in anyway see this test data in analytics to be able to query it against other onsite conversions once the test was pushed live in its current state


we're also not able to add any additional new metrics into the current live test without having to stop it and restart it.

You both agree with these two statements?