Activity Editor changes being overwritten

TylerWinz 11-06-2018

Hi all,

I'm working on changing out the contents of a page to a new set of contents (basically, an A/B test where 100% go to B until the Dev team gets around to making the changes). I'm trying to edit the html of a container and change a <button> to an <a>. It looks something like this:

     <button class="my-custom-class">Check out our site!</button>

     <a "btn btn-primary btn-block text-normal" href="link-to-site">Check out our site!</a>    

When I go to the activity and edit > click on container > Edit Text/HTML > Edit HTML > Highlight old <button> tag and paste new anchor tag > save > click through the rest of the activity to save and exit

When I go back into the activity, the old <button> tag is still there, and all the code i copy-pasted into is is gone. This has happened to me when updating old anchor tags as well. It's as if it's not passing some sort of linter and revoking my changes? Has anyone experienced this before? What are the causes of this?


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