accessing parameters sent with mboxUpdate in an offer




I have an mboxDefine() and after a certain condition i call the mboxUpdate() and also send some parameters along with. 

These parameters are seen in the network call as query parameters and also available in the associated parameter list of the corresponding location in test and target.

However, when I try to access these parameters in the offer itself through mboxCurrent.getParameters(), only the default parameters are available (browser width, screen height etc) and  not the custom params that I passed.

I have tried a bunch of things but so far have not been able to access the parameters in the offer itself. Any pointers will be helpful. Thanks.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Can you try the following? 

- When saving the value with the mboxUpdate call, use: 

mboxDefine('myMbox'); mboxUpdate('myMbox', 'profile.myCustomValue='+myCustomValue);

- When reading the data in the offer, use:

<script> window.myCustomValue = profile.get('myCustomValue'); ... ... ... </script>

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