AB Test - Unable to render the page in VEC

surjitp43519485 21-03-2018

Hi All,

Trying to create an AB Test for URLhttp://catalogue.membershiprewards.co.uk/index.mtw​ using Visual Composer.

But Target tool is not able to render this page yet !!

It shows up :

Error: Your website domain (ISP) is blocking the Enhanced Experience Composer.

You can whitelist the EEC's IP addresses or turn off Enhanced Experience Composer in the Configure -> Page Delivery menu. Learn more

Then I tried, disabling Configure > Page Delivery > EEC and Configure > Page Delivery > Render using JS , that resulted in :

Sorry, there was an error loading the page.

Try reviewing VEC best practices.

Appreciate any suggestion / help / clue.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Surjit,

As a long term solution please consider white listing the Proxy IPs for the EEC and ensure mixed content is enabled for the session while using Target. As an immediate solution You can toggle the EEC off and use the VEC. If the page still does not load please enable the developer console in Chrome(usually F12 key) and check the console error. You can then create a requestly rule for Chrome to bypass the header response to render the page in the VEC. more information on this is available on : Troubleshooting the Visual Experience Composer and Enhanced Experience Composer

Hope this helps.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

surjitp43519485 26-03-2018

After trying a lot of options, I had to install Chrome Requestly Exetension and switch off X-frame headers for the VEC to work !!

NOTE: even though I didn't observe any console errors as such on my page , I had to remove x-frame headers to get it work.

Steps mentioned here : Search for Requestly.

Troubleshooting the Visual Experience Composer and Enhanced Experience Composer

nitin_harikant1 25-03-2018

Please whitelist the below IPs

RegionIP Addresses

United States

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Asia-Pacific (APAC)