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I have a query regarding AB Testing.

I am applying one AB Test scenario to my login module on 1 page of website.

Is it possible that applied scenario is visible on the full website ? If Yes, how can it be possible ?

Your quick response will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Yes, it is very possible.  In fact it is highly likely because Target will display the Test anywhere that matches your Audience refinement and filtering.

Did you use the Visual experience composer?  Or Form based?  If you used the visual composer, then you had to put in a URL and Target should only display the test on that URL.

If you used form, then you will need to make sure to add Audience refinements.  Its right below where you select the mbox targeting.

I would recommend downloading and installing the Adobe Marketing Cloud Pulse Debugger.  It will tell you what test and experience you are in for each page you visit.  You can use it to confirm if you are in the test or not.

Download it here

Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - Chrome Web Store