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Hi all,

I am using A4T as the reporting source in one of my AB tests. In the 'My primary goal' section, I have used viewed a page --> URL contain -- '/pagex.html' as a metric


Target report


If I see analytics report for the page (pagex.html) that is way more than 6,981 visitors.

what is causing this discrepancy?


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That would indicate not all who have seen the conversion page have entered the activity. Surely the conversion page existed before the activity was live and there are some visitors you are pulling into your custom Analytics reporting that have seen that conversion prior to the activity existing. If you want to only look at the data for the activity in quesiton plese user the special report created just for that. It can be accessed from: "Analytics > Reports > Adobe Target > Analytics for Target > Target Activities > Click on the Activity in question"

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Hi mikewebguy,

Could you please explain the meaning of the number 57,294 in the freeform table (intersection of the activity dimension and Unique Visitors filtered by the goal page)?

Presumably, it should represent those who entered the activity and then visited the goal page. Am I missing something?



Unable to edit my original post and hence the addendum


This is the report in analytics. It is showing 29k visitors as having viewed that page for experience B. while Target is showing 7k.



Are you saying that visitors viewed the conversion page first and then qualified for the activity, so this report is showing such visitors? This should not be possible based on how evars work (How eVars work in Adobe Analytics ). A4T variables act like an evar. So, the report should show whatever metrics/success events happened after the visitor qualified for the activity. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.