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We have two XT activities running on the homepage - both targeting the same banner at the top above the nav. The audiences in both activities are not mutually exclusive - but we have set one activity to be higher priority.


If a user visits the homepage - and they qualify for both activities - but are only served the experience from one activity.  How will this be reporting in Analytics (we have A4T setup).


Would I see a single visit to the one activity that served the experience? Or would it trigger a visit for both activities as the user qualified for both- even though the user only saw one experience? 







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Hey Nicholas,


From our experience the A4T reporting with be triggered for both activities in the example you listed below even if technically only one experience showed.


That's because Target will return both experiences onto the page but the priority will determine which gets displayed. A lower priority campaign will get delivered first and executed, and if there is a higher priority campaign, it will deliver and execute last overwriting the earlier campaign (this is if they are in the same location).


Documentation: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/target/using/activities/priority.html (look for the red box)