A4T - Target Activity for hit level segment



I'm trying to make a simple dashboard with requirements that look like this: 

  • Unique visitors
  • Had impression of one of multiple Target Activities, with Acitivity name contains text 'xyz' 
  • The above-mentioned Target Activities were seen in a sub-domain of website, which can be identifieid by page contains text 'abc'

Now, when I tried to make this in calculated metrics/manual stack segment in analysis workspace, it included far wider range of users, as it was not possible to isolate Target Activity of current impression and combine with pageview page name condition. Instead, it was filtered from the most recent 150 Target Activities stored in tnt variable as well. 


Is there any way we could isolate the hit level condition to the (current impression of Target Activity), and current page hit, and apply to aggregate unique users who satisfy that conditon? 


Reading this article below, tnt_post_action would have only the current Target impression information, and if I could use that in a join in query, it sounds makeable. 

Could we do this within Analysis Workspace/Analytics UI? 

Could we do this in Google Data Studio, with Analytics data connection? 



Thank you very much for your help!

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@YT_Tsutsui Are all these activities for which you want to analyze the results configured as A4T(Analytics for Target)?

If this is the case then you could rely on A4T data in Reports & Analytics.


Target activity impressions and conversions are currently counted incorrectly in Analysis Workspace .
As a workaround, please rely on A4T data in Reports & Analytics until this issue is fixed.