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I'm not very good at mbox I know B is wrong. Could anyone explain the other choices please? Thank you!

4. A stakeholder asks the Target Business Practitioner (BP) to create an activity that tests the addition of a pop-up message after a visitor adds an item to their cart. Which of the following would allow the BP to correctly target this audience?

A. Add a custom mbox parameter for users with cart additions and target this audience to users with that parameter

B. Create an Analytics segment published to the Marketing Cloud for visitors with cart additions and target this audience to that segment

C. Select Visitor Profile > "Cart Additions" in audience creation

D. Target the activity to the cart URL

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Hi Shruthi,

Assume C is a correct profile script, will this script be acting real time? Does it only includes people who have added items to cart previously OR also includes people who has just added an item to cart. Thank you very much!