A/B Testing Behind Authentification

sarahf12315547 20-09-2017

We are trying to understand if Target has the ability to run a/b tests behind authentification. We use at.js and AEM. I tried setting up a test using Visual Experience Manager with a URL behind login, and it wouldn't let me set up the test. Wanted me to log in. Is this something we can do with a regular mbox? There are common page elements after users login that we'd like to test.

Thanks for any help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Sarah,

If you are setting up the test with Target's VEC then you should just need to login to your site in a separate tab. Then load the post-login page into the VEC.

Alternatively, you can perform the login via the VEC. When getting the login form within the VEC, switch to "browse" mode (button in the upper right area). Login then browse to the desired test page. Once there switch back to the "compose" mode.

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Answers (6)


If part of the URL is dynamic per visitor but required for the page to load properly you can work around this by adding a template rule to ignore the dynamic portion of the url.

Configer > page delivery > add template rule (use the OR condition).

For example, if this is your base URL:


You could add an OR template rule to say when the URL contains:


Which will allow any value of the dynamicParameter into the test.


Hi Claire,

Are you using the Enhanced Experience Composer mode of the VEC? If you login via a second tab and that doesn't work I'm guessing you are. Please confirm. You can see by clicking the configure (gear icon) and selecting page delivery. From there you should see an Enhance Composer toggle.


Hi @gabef2948312,

Could you please provide more details on the error message you are getting? Please send us an email at clientcare@adobe.com with the following information-

- Activity Name

- Activity URL

- Steps to reproduce (perhaps test login credentials)

Once you provide this information, we will take a look for you .


gabef29483121 29-05-2018

Hi Ryan,

I am having the same problem when I try to navigate to a authenticated page on Targets VEC. I have disabled the EEC toggle but still get an error message when I login (both entering the URL or using the browse option. Any other suggestion to get thru?


clairea39507456 19-04-2018

Thanks for your response - I got it working all fine. However, I now have new beef...when you get to a certain page behind log-in (the page I want to experiment on) the URL appends a customer's unique "policy number" at the end. When I am setting up the A/B test, it's adding my policy number to the URL (as I am logging in using my own account through the VEC), therefore making the experiment valid only for me. I have tried to remove the ?policyNumber=****** from the end of the URL in Browse mode, but I guess it defaults back to showing it because it's dynamic content?

I'm guessing there's no workaround for this, but worth an ask anyway?

Thank you!

clairea39507456 18-04-2018


I am having the same issue - we have the mbox setup, and I am trying to create an experiment for a page within our logged-in section.

I have tried the two methods you mentioned above, but neither is working; I keep getting our log-in error page, and a message saying my session has expired. It has not! Is there anything you might be able to suggest in the implementation that might be blocking this? Or is this an error on our site and the way the pages are built?

Within the "browse" mode I get things like our live chat message pop up, and I can navigate to any other page on the site, the issue is just with being able to log-in.