A/B test - Redirect to URL showing landing page first and then redirect to actual page using FEC



Hello Team, 

Recently I have tried to do the A/B testing using FEC -  If user load a particular page then he/she needs to be redirected to new page preserving the query string parameter. It's working correctly but it's showing the landing page for few seconds which I don't need it. 


For ex: 

If user hits the page  www.example.com/?abc=123 then immediately needs to be redirect on www.exampletarget.com/?abc=123 

but here in my solution its showing the www.example.com/?abc=123 for few seconds in browser which is noticeable and then redirection happens. This is not a good user experience and I don't want to show that to user.


In terms of setup - I'm using the latest at.js version in the form of Target extension in Adobe launch and in FEC have below script for redirection and preserving the Query string param 


var positionQueryString=window.location.href.indexOf("?");
var newURL="";
var querystringvalue="";
if(positionQueryString >= 0)



Any idea or solution?  Thank you in advance. 


@surebee @mikewebguy Any thoughts ? Thank you 

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Hi @gokula 


I'd recommend using the redirect offers instead of raw js offers when redirecting people to different pages. 

More information here: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/target/using/experiences/vec/redirect-offer.html

It also supports sending to the final URL any query parameters included in the source URL.


In regards to seeing the old page, because the Target library loads in a synchronous manner (i.e. it doesn't prevent page load), the page will always load while Target loads before the redirect offer executes. You may want to try a flicker management solution with using Target's body hiding script to prevent this.



@gokula We suggest you use the inbuilt redirect functionality within Target instead of a custom redirect script.

Let us know if this helps.




Karan Dhawan