A/B Test on Single Page Application (Form Based Composer)

timb18075207 19-03-2019

Hi all,

I am attempting to launch an A/B test on a Single Page Application.  The application is a configuration tool that features multiple tabs a user can click on to specify product customization.  When a user clicks on each of the tabs, the site URL changes to reflect the configuration category (i.e. Color), but does not send a new call to Target.  I am trying to add CTAs on these configuration tabs to understand if I can improve user completion rates with the tool. I'd like to add these CTAs to steps/tabs 2-5 on my tool (excluduing step/tab 1).

Upon initial QA, I've noticed that when a user lands on step/tab 1, they don't see the CTA (that's good ).  However, when the click on step/tab 2, they also don't see the CTA (that's bad, it should be showing up ).  Once I am on step/tab 2, if I refresh the page, the CTA shows up.  I believe this issue is a symptom that the SPA does not send a new call instantaneously on step/tab 2. 

Has anyone experienced this situation before?  Let me know if you have any solutions you'd recommend.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Eric_Vidana 19-03-2019

Sounds like you need to add some click handling to those tabs at the top in order to fire off a target call so that the updated url carries through.


Though, if this is an SPA and you are on AT.JS 2.0 then you could do a triggerView() on the route change

adobe.target.triggerView (viewName, options) - at.js 2.0.0

Or you could look into the pre-fetching

adobe.target.getOffers\Options) - at.js 2.0.0

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