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I'm a back-end developer very new to adobe target so would appreciate any help.
So we have a site where you can run a search, this site calls our search api and in order to investigate how best to tweak our search algorithm we need to pass a new value in the search request to the search api which will come from an a/b test.
We are going to have three scenarios,
1) control: value of 0
2) variant 2 value of 60
3) variant 3 value of 40
My question is really how to set this up as an A/B server side test?
Do I create 3 experiences and have an mbox as the location in each experience and then modify the content of each experience to reflect the value needed? Or is it better one experience with 3 locations and an mbox with a different value in each location?
At the time the search is run I will be writing code to query adobe target and get the mbox value.
Also not sure how the activity urls come into play?

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