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Is it possible to perform a 301 redirect using Target? Example taken from Chrome that appears to be a redirect being performed by Target:

Request URL:


Request Method: GET

Status Code: 301 /aaa/somewhere-else.html

I ask because we are unable to see a server side redirect taking place, but is the browser somehow interpreting this as a 301 redirect?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi jamesa290285​,

That redirect appears to be from the stuff.com server, redirecting the www subdomain to just stuff.com. If you have client-side deployment of Target (at.js on your pages) there is no way to 301 redirect experiences of a test. Target is only called after the page has started loading.

If you have a server-side deployment of Target it should be possible to configure 301 redirects based on a response from Target. It would require some setup on your server to facilitate this though.

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