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Activity QA for Form-based activities with 2+ locations


Level 1


Feature request: Do not disable the "Activity QA" URL generation for Form-based activities with 2+ locations.

Background details:

Activity QA is one of the best features you've added in the past year! For the first time ever we can actually assign users to the "Editor" role and they are able to do all their work (including QA and preview for stakeholders) without risking activation to our external customers.

HOWEVER - when using form-based activities there is currently a ridiculous restriction in place: only one "location" can exist, otherwise the Activity QA option is disabled.

This restriction is silly because it seems to just be a UI limitation. For example, this scenario works great, and we use it on >50% of our activities:

  1. Create and save Form-based activity with 1 location
  2. Generate Activity QA URL and write it down (we use "notes" section of the activity)
  3. Add 2 more locations to the activity and save
  4. Manually add Activity QA URL parameters to the URLs for location 1, 2, 3

If you follow these steps, preview works as expected on locations 1, 2, and 3.

This workflow doesn't work when copying activities with more than 1 location, though, which means manually re-creating the entire activity.