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Ability to run client-side JavaScript pre-test generation to determine eligibility to enter test


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We need to ability to run a script to determine if a visitor should see the test before the test generates (2 request schema). This qualification script should live with the test so that it's only running to determine qualification for that specific activity (NOT a global script).


1. visitor hits the test page url (as specified in the a/b test activity)

2. qualification javascript runs (checking for window object value, existence of DOM element, visitor activity on page, etc.)

3a. if qualification script returns true/determines visitor IS qualified to see test, test determines if visitor will see control or 1 of the challengers and test will display for visitor and visitor will count in reporting for this test

3b. if qualification script return false/determines the visitor is NOT qualified to see test, test does not run and visitor does not count in reporting for this test

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