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Using JSON with Remote Offers


Level 2

Hi all,

The current integration pushes AEM Experience Fragments into Target as HTML Offers. I am keen to find out if there is any way I can push the JSON representation of the said fragments into Target.  I believe this is currently not possible (maybe on the roadmap for Adobe). As a workaround, would it be possible to use Remote Offers and use the .model.json extension on the experience fragments to pull in the JSON representation into Target?

I appreciate that JSON Offers are there for precisely this reason and the payload can be consumed as a native JSON object. However, creating JSON offers, as far as I can see, is via the Target Console only. I assume using Remote Offers as a means to consume JSON content would then require the consuming application to convert the payload into a JSON object. It would be interesting to find out what Content-Type response header Target streams for Remote Offers. If the header is text/html when payload is JSON then that might be bit of an issue.

Has anybody tried this? Are there any tips or pointers on this topic? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Arup Vidyerthy

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Level 2

Looks like this functionality is coming as part of AEM 6.5. Problem solved I guess.