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The JavaScript doesn't execute in Visual Composer


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We are trying to publish a campaign using VC but since yesterday, the code between <script> tags doesn't execute anymore (even the console.log). The campaign runs, but the code is not injected into the page.

Is it something that we can double check, test, find a workaround?

Thank you.


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iuliai49467234​ What version of at.js are you using ? You could append debug parameter mboxDebug=console to the url where test is running to see additional debug information like if there are any errors.

Eg. www.test123.com?mboxDebug=console



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Hi Naomi,

Thank you very much for your answer. We have just found that someone else from another team, from a different city, added a new implementation and for security reason they blocked the script execution. Today, we will have a call with that team and someone from Adobe as well, to see how how we can handle this situation.

All the best,