Suppress Target within DTM

valeriea3753189 27-02-2019

We have times when we do not want Target to fire, for instance when we have a known bot hitting our site.  We are using DTM and are able to abort the Analytics call based on url parameters.  Is there a way to do the same thing for Target?


Moritz-BSHG 28-02-2019

Hi Valeriea,

this is an interesting question, I'm also interested to learn about possible ways to achieve this.

Thanks & BR

peterhartung 28-02-2019


You should be able to set Target to load via page load rule based on URL parameters similar to what you are doing with Target. This would require you to not use the default Target deployment, but only on page load rules being met. Page load rules are discussed in our DTM documentation here: Rules

Peter Hartung

Technical Support Consultant

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PhilipR 29-05-2019


Not sure if what you say makes sense, I'm not sure if I follow that first sentence.  We're looking to do the same, with DTM.  From what I've seen in DTM when you load the Target extension, it starts loading on every page load.  If for example we only want to load target on a given path:




Can you do that with DTM?  Seems that you can with Launch, but I haven't see that in DTM.


Chad_Gallagher 29-05-2019

Hi Philip,

I just replied to your question in the case you submitted. You can yse a page load rule, but you would need to setp the conditions and paths to include/exclude. This is for both mbox and at,js

valeriea3753189 29-05-2019

We were able to successfully do this by putting the loading of target within an if statement within custom code in DTM.  Thanks everybody for their help.


   big block of code that loads Target