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Recommendations Google XML Feed - Product Type to Category


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Hi Adobe community,

I am looking to set up a Google Feed for my recommendations catalog.  I am viewing the documentation for both Target and Google and I've noticed a potential issue.

The Google XML uses semicolon delimited lists for the product_type and google_category_type but the Adobe Target categoryId requires a comma delimited list.

I'd like to use the feed data to populate my category information.  Is there some sort of built-in feature that converts the semicolons to commas if I assign product_type to categoryId in the Feed UI?

I haven't tested it yet as I don't want to corrupt my catalog.

Anyone have any further insight into the Google Feed option? Adobe documentation is slim.

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I thought we were 100% compatible if you select the option to use google you should be able to just give it the path to it. I'm double-checking into this internally with Engineering to see if that is no longer the case. I'll update you with my findings here.

Per this KB about: Feeds  "It is not required to use Google data. Recommendations just uses the same format as Google. You can use this method to upload any data you have, and use the available scheduling features. However, you must retain Google's predefined attribute names when you set up the file."

Screen-shot showing where to select the google product feed from:


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I don't believe that this constitutes as a correct answer.

I know how the Google Feed is setup and that it is not required to use, however, I would like to use it as a means of collecting product information outside of user driven mbox calls.

The question was:

- Does the API that ingests the Google Product feed data manipulate the incoming data to match the Target catalog data requirements.  Specifically focused on the Category entity field, as the Google data structure requires semicolon delimited strings while Target requires comma delimited. 

This information should be captured in documentation as anyone looking to integrate the Google Feed should run into this same question if they are concerned about their catalog.