Need help with Recommendations related APIs?


All Recommendation related APIs can be found in the documentation here <-- check it out!

And as always, please let us know your feedback/ questions so we can ensure that all of your queries are addressed adequately!


dirkb30988415 28-02-2019

Hi Amelia,

could you please tell me which API to use in order to fetch recommended products that match to a given product item?

So for example, I assume providing product 123 will need to fetch associated activity / criteria first to then be able to fetch the recommended products by this product 123 / activity 234 combination.

But please give me hints which route to follow.

Best, Dirk

Eric_Vidana 06-03-2019

That would be in the Delivery side of the API. After having set up a Recommendations type activity in Target, you can then qualify for the activity by looking at this:

Target API v1.0

I would categorize the above (Adobe Target Recommendations API corrected) link to be the admin side of dealing with Recommendations. Most of those endpoints mimc UI functionality within the Recs portal.