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Need help in testing and understanding how criteria's in Recommendations work


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Hi All

We are trying to implement basic Recommendations feature.

  1. While creating the Recommendations Activity we are using localhost AEM URLs.
  2. We are able to load the products feed. Each product has a page URL in the feed. The URLs are relative URLs in the feed
  3. We created a new Activity with OOTB criteria - "Recently Viewed Products" and selected OOTB design 3x1
  4. The initial product grid is shown on the page.
  5. But when we try to hit other products multiple times, the list of products in grid does not change. It remains the same which was shown on first time

We don't see any change in the recommendations. How do we validate if the "Recently Viewed Products" (Or any other OOTB criteria) criteria actually works. Is there any other way to test it? Or is there any delay in capturing the views and updating the recommendations. Also do we have to configure anything on the product pages to track if the products are actually viewed?

For reference attaching screenshots.

1. Recommendations Activity:


2. Selected Criteria:


3. Added Feed:



4. Final display in Page:




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At the very least, each product page would need to have a target call (preferably target-global) that has the following params:



You can check the network panel to see if those are getting fired off. It will accomplish two things on the back end; incrementing the database for product views and updating the catalog with the correct category. It will also be the entry criteria (if you choose) to show other related articles. In the screen shot above, you are using recently viewed products which can be looked at by using the profile api (assuming you are using mboxthirdpartyid or tntid):

Target API v1.0

It will show up as user.endpoint.lastViewedEntity. There are some other goodies in there as well.