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MVT activity shows a different version as the control in analytics than in target


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We are running an MVT test and when I run a report to show the table view it target it shows Experience A as the control but if I load that same report in analytics (A4T is the reporting source), I get Experience E showing up as the control.  Has anyone ever had the control show up differently in Adobe Analytics vs Target when the reporting source is A4T.

Also, wy unique visits, activity conversions and conversion rate, all line up perfect but my lift and confidence are vastly different.

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In regards to what Experience shows up as the control. I've gotten tricked into this before. It turns out Analytics just picks one at random. You have the access to correct this (Unfortunately this is working as designed.) I forget what the exact option is in the reporting but I'll look for it for you and reply with it in here as a screen-shot if I find it.

In regards to part two of your message. If you are running the official Target Report in Analytics either from the "View in Analytics" link or by browsing to: "Analytics > Reports > Adobe Target > Analytics for Target > Target Activities > Click on the Activity in question" this could be a bug in which case I would recommend you open a new ticket with support for Issue: Lift and confidence different in Target vs Analytics.

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Found it. You can get to the option directly from the Analytics report by clicking on the Experience Name under the field: "Control Experience" it will then bring up a pop-up where you can change it. See attached screen-shot below.

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Screen-shot showing how to set the control experience in Analytics:


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| Technical Support Consultant | Customer Experience | Adobe | (:: 1 (800) 497-0335