Less offer options in MV test as in A/B Test

patrickruetter 21-12-2017

Hi everyone

When creating an A/B test, there are more options to change the offer in the editor than when creating a multivariate test:

A/B test


Multivariate test


However, in a sheet about Target i found the following passage:

Multivariate testing (MVT)—Explore the impact of changing and combining different elements on

a page—in more permutations than any marketer could do manually. For example, test multiple

hero images on a home page, in conjunction with testing the image location and a button’s color,

size, and placement. Similarly, test paths through a site to determine which path has the highest

conversion rate. MVT works best with high-traffic sites that provide enough data to reach statistical

significance with results.

Is this a mistake in the sheet or will it be added to MV-tests in the future?