Experience Fragments Not Loading Text in Target Activity



Hi all,

Currently working on setting up a client to be able to use Experience Fragments (XFs) via the AEM -> Target integration.  I've followed the instructions outlined in the documentation (link) and we are seeing the XFs show up in Offers within Target.  I can also view the XFs via the "Offer Delivery URL" listed under "Offer Info" for each XF in Target and they render correctly.

The issue is that when I configure an Activity and use any of the XFs published to Target (replace or insert), the XFs contain all content except for text/copy.  It's completely missing from the HTML.  I still see all images, DIVs, etc, just no text coming through (confirmed viewing source code, so it's not just hidden by styling).  I've tried this for multiple XFs on various pages/placements and they all do the same thing.  I suspect it has something to do with how we are publishing the XFs, but I'm not sure. 

Any ideas as to what we're doing wrong here?


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