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CORS OPTIONS ( Preflight ) request returns ERROR from Target ( AT.js getOffer Call)


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HI ,

I am using Adobe Target ( Mbox.js ) for the past few years. Now we are migrating to AT.js. I have integrated and I am making a getOffer call

In our new application , we have setup few CORS rules due to which each XHR call is preceded by an Http OPTIONS call ( pre-flight call ) for security reasons.

BUT the http pre-flight (OPTIONS) calls are failing when I am making this call to Adobe  Target . It gives 200 Application Error Response status and in response I get a response mboxEnv.disable(10 * 60) // got 500 from node.

But if I hit the same Target Call directly as a GET call it works. ( the OPTIONS pre-flight request gives error response ).

Is there anything that I need to enable OR request Adobe Team to setup in my campaign ?

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I get the same. Seems like they do not support the OPTIONS method. The API endpoints don't seem to care, though that is probably a different can of worms from the client side (at.js) approach.

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