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Closing a Campaign while Not Deactivating Completely


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We are running an Adobe Target campaign that we'd like to close for new visitors but still keep it running for already-cookied visitors. Does anyone know whether there is a way to do that in the new Target Standard?

In Target Classic there were two ways of ending a campaign - Close and Deactivate. Closing a campaign allowed cookied visitors to continue seeing the same experience while it did not allow any new visitors enter the campaign. Is there a way to still do this in Target Standard? I only see the option to 'Deactivate' but no option to 'Close' a campaign.



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Hi Sagar,

For  an A4T activity in target Standard as well target metrics sent to Analytics even after the activity  has been deactivated for a default period of 90 days.

This means that activities continue to get page views, visits, and so  forth for up to 90 days after the activity ends for visitors that became part of the activity while it was active. However, if you look at the  Activity Impressions metric, you should not see any impressions after the activity ended.

Details you can find at below doc:


Heading '' Why are Target metrics sent to Analytics even after the activity has been deactivated.

Hope this helps.