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AT.js 2.0.0, contains deprecated methods


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I am working to update our version of target to the latest 2.0.0 version. However, when implementing the new at.js code I am seeing the following issue:

VM4729:1 AT: adobe.target.registerExtension() function has been deprecated. Please review the documentation for alternatives. Arguments [{…}, callee: (...), Symbol(Symbol.iterator): ƒ]

However, I do not reference the registerExtension() function anywhere. After doing some digging I see this method is referenced in the at.js 2.0.0 code itself when downloading. Is there a reason for this? I am curious what a workaround is since this method is deprecated.

Any help would be great.


Zach Benchley

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Hi zachb84709270​ I downloaded the at.js 2.0 file and the only reference I find is to the warning saying the function has been deprecated.


Can you provide more details on where you are seeing this method referenced ?


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Hey Shruthi,

Yes the only place it was referenced was the at.js file. I was able to remove these function calls and then was able to implement Adobe Target successfully via the new 2.0.0 version. It looked like it was not being loaded appropriately however until I removed these function calls from the file manually.





zachb84709270​ I deployed at.js 2.0 in my sandbox environment and wasn't able to reproduce the deprecated console warning . Please see below screen shot.


However when I tried to use the Experience Cloud Debugger, I was able to see the same warnings.


Which means that the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger is  using those deprecated methods. I have thus logged an internal jira with the team that works on the Debugger to look into this and ensure that the Debugger is compatible with the new at.js library.

If you are seeing some other Object being referenced in your console log, then you might want to check that you are not using that method anywhere in your implementation or provide the url where I can reproduce the issue so that I can check further .

Hope this helps and thanks again for helping spot the deprecated method when using the Debugger.


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Hi Shruthi,

Today I also experienced the same thing and thought of to check on forums about the same warning where I came across this post.

Can you tell us when adobe planning to release updated version of at.js 2.0 which don't have above method.



gokula​ As mentioned in my previous reply, I deployed at.js in my sandbox account and was able to load at.js fine without any issues.

Please see screen shots above.

Could you please provide a url where I can reproduce this or a screen shot with the expanded stack trace so that I can see where the call is being triggered from ? The at.js file only has the reference to the error from what I can tell and is only invoked when some other module has the deprecated method.