[ANNOUNCING!] Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Breaks, every other Wednesday 10am PST




Introducing the Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Breaks

A program designed to keep you connected to some of the very best Adobe Target resources -

specifically, the great minds behind Adobe Target, including our expert product management, product marketing, consulting, and engineering team members.

Join us right here in the Adobe Target Community on Experience League, every other Wednesday, 10am PST, beginning May 2020, for a 1-hour Q&A re-fueling break with your peer practitioners while you chat directly with a featured expert member of the Adobe Target team, who will be signed in to the Target Community, answering your questions in the forum live. Don't miss these opportunities to learn and gain insights into all your burning optimization questions!

Q&As can cover a wide variety of HOT TOPICS, including:  

  • Best practices on using Adobe Target for testing & personalization
  • New enhancements in the application
  • Use cases that you can immediately put into practice for big ROI


CLICK HERE to learn more about our upcoming second Q&A Coffee Break, on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 at 10am PST

"See" you there 👩‍💻⁉️✔️🙌👨‍💻


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