Adobe Summit 2019 | L740 - Single Page Apps with the Next Generation of AT.JS 2.0





Lab Details

By the time you finish reading this sentence, your web architecture could be out of date. The web is moving at a breakneck pace, and technologies are changing constantly and rapidly. Adobe has built a new implementation library from the ground up to support the modern web and help you adapt to the changing times. AT.JS is a JavaScript library developed for single-page applications but works with any platform and framework. Learn how to take advantage of the AT.JS extension libraries to streamline your deployment of React and AngularJS. In this hands-on lab:


  • Get the basics of single-page application design and how it impacts authoring in the Adobe Target Visual Experience Composer
  • Deploy Adobe Target on a single-page app web page using the AT.JS library file
  • Pick up troubleshooting and debugging tips and tricks to make you an Adobe Target super pro This session is for implementation experts and assumes familiarity with Adobe Target user interface, concepts, and terms


Vaibhav Nigam, Computer Scientist, Adobe

David Son, Product Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe

Session Length

1h 30m

Digital Lab Manual

Experience League Intelligent Guidance | Adobe


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