What is the importance of the adobe social ?

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Adobe social is a tool that is designed around enabling your social media needs.

It can be broadly understood as enabling two capabilities:

1. Creating content to engage potential targets.

2. Understanding how targets are interacting with content pertaining to your brand.

It is designed with solutions that allow you to perform the above mentioned capabilities. For eg:- The social publishing tool allows you to publish content you wish to engage your audience with, across multiple social channels. The moderation tool - somewhat conversely - allow you to monitor what is being said about your brand across social channels. 

The social integration with analytics provides you with data that can help you better understand the conversations through reports such as the social buzz report as well as indigenous algorithms for carrying out sentiment analysis.

I've tried to give you a broad overview of what social allows you to do and of some of it's solutions.

It's importance remains subjective to the usage and what your organization's social strategy is looking to achieve.

I hope this answers your query. Please feel free to revert if you have more questions.

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Answers (4)



I agree with all of the above.

I think there is one good article from Adweek which talks about Brad Rencher talking about Adobe digital marketing. I think the article is bit old. It is in 2012 but it is still relevant.

Brad says " Adobe has combined its social assets with its social analytics platform. It is now called Adobe social.

It covers two key areas 1. one is analysis of social data and leveraging its insights.(the big data so to say) and 2. Social media cannot operate in solo..it needs to be integrated as a combined end to end suite for digital and content marketing purposes.

I think that's the importance of adobe social. Let me republish as a question/discussion. Appears to be important. Cheers.