Social for crisis management?




Looking for creative ways to leverage AS for closely monitor ad-hoc phenomenon and crisis management.

What's the best way to allow users create ad-hoc searches based on random keywords and start doing analysis? Is setting up new buzz report the best way?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Patrick,

I'm not entirely sure if I understand you. Could you please elaborate as to what you're trying to achieve?

A buzz report essentially provides info about factors such as number of mentions, sentiment scores for individual mentions etc. 

You can find more information about it here.

You could consider using listening rules for tracking keywords (and much more). To get a better understanding how they work, please have a look at this document.

Please feel free to get back if this doesn't answer your query.

Kind Regards


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Answers (2)



I'd recommend setting up new listening rules to monitor key terms and hashtags around the event or crisis. You can backfill the rule for up to 28 days but keep in mind this can take a few hours to populate.

I'd then pull these rules into Social Buzz and use one of the real time streaming options to closely monitor the conversation as it happens, and view the trend graph to monitor volume of mentions over time. Consider setting up a scheduled report if you would like to receive this data at regular intervals in your email inbox in excel form.

You can also pull these rules into Unified Moderation, and turn on streaming so the new posts come through in real time, where you can start taking action on the posts such as reply, retweet, escalate, mark as read.

Hope this helps!