How to delete a "livefyre" app created on console ?



I have created multiple test apps under livefyre studio account. Now I want to delete the test apps from the account completely and keep only the ones that are needed

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Hi, this is now possible.


Previous Release Notes


  • Deleting Apps. Added the ability to delete Apps in Studio so users can better manage the App list. Deleting an App removes it from the table, but it does not remove the App from your site. The App will keep receiving content from a stream if it is configured to do so.



When a livefyre deletes one of their own comments is the deletion permanent? Is there no way of recovering? The website suggests not.

Content Behavior Features

Users may delete their own content at any time by clicking Delete (displayed when hovering over the content). Moderators may click Delete to remove any user’s content. (Delete is not available on mobile.)

Note: When a user deletes their own content, it is removed from your network and is no longer displayed in Studio.



Hello World!

Just wanted to check if we have a way out now, to be able to delete a livefyre app? And may I know the reason why an App can not be deleted when its being managed by me.

Thank you in advance