Listening Rules in Adobe Social - Wildcard



There are many instances where the "does contain" and "does not contain" rules of the listening section of Adobe Social are too bleak.

When listening, I want to look for the KEYWORD, but I run into issues where KEYWORD is used in a URL. IE: www.something/KEYWORD-234/something.html. The problem is that I don't want to tell the search not to look at URLs, but I don't need the KEYWORD-234 to be included in the search. I can go an tell the search to not pull in this the term, KEYWORD-234, but the 234 part of that word is dynamically generated so any future links that contain KIEWIT-345, KIEWIT-456, KIEWIT-567, will still get pulled in.


The idea of telling the listening rule to disregard "KEYWORD-*" where * is my wildcard is ideal. And although this request is tailored to the example above, the idea of using a wildcard in searches and queries is a very common practice. I am surprised that the system doesn't support this.