Content Calendar Filtering



When filtering the Content Calendar property, it shows the network icon and the display name of the account.

There should be a way to add some more information because if there are some properties with same name (say one can be global and another can be regional), this may lead to confusion. 


There should be a way to handle this.


Also, when a post is made to be published on more than one properties.

And all the properties are having same name, it becomes difficult to distinguish them on Content Calendar till the time the post is not expanded to show its child nodes.

There should a symbol of the platform against each property on the post inside content calendar so that the user may see it without expanding the post.

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This Enhancement is raised by another valuable customer Emily Hyder from Signature Consultants. Its a simple request which can help the users to identify the properties without going into the details. Can we please take this up.