Add ability to take mod action on an original Tweet pulled from a general Twitter Uni Mod feed



Submitting request on behalf of client.



The user is creating a general Twitter Unified Moderation feed without a listening rule or property assigned. Doing so pulls in all Tweets on Twitter. The user then searches for a term, and comes across a post that contains that keyword or term. 


If you "View Conversation", you can sometimes see that this pulled in Tweet is in response to a different Tweet altogether. Unfortunately, you can't take any action on the original Tweet from within Social. 


Edit request for more info:


I would love for adobe social to have a solution for this. A way to look up the handle and see and reply to tweets. Or A way to put in a tweet link and have it find the tweet.


Not everything brand related is built off of a term or a term library, and despite having 500 rules in the tool, there are some things that are found elsewhere that would be great to reply to, retweet, or make engagement without having to go to twitter natively (part of the reason of using adobe social is so that native access is not needed by team members)


Suggested enhancement would be to provide that functionality so users don't have to respond natively.