[Webinar | 3/13] Deal Registration Training




Deal Registration financial rebates are contingent upon staying up to date with the latest processes and guidelines. Register to attend one of the sessions below upon on-boarding, and re-attend at least once per year to stay current.

If you would simply like to attend a portion of one of the sessions below without registration (for example, to ask some questions during the Q&A) we usually have some time for this at the end, and you are also welcome to join us at that time as well.

If you or your Partner Sales Manager would like to schedule a custom session please also let us know at spphelp@adobe.com.

Partner Training Agenda:

  • Module 1: Deal Registration Program Overview
  • Module 2: Navigation
  • Module 3: Opportunity Management
  • Module 4: Payout


Register here | When: March 13, 2019  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM MST