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Multi-Solution Developer Program

The Multi-Solution Developer Program is a seven-week learning program that supports the Digital Foundation use case and prepares learners to implement multi-solution projects across the Adobe Experience Cloud. This learning program is designed for Developers and Technical Architects with deep experience implementing a minimum of one Adobe Experience Cloud solution. The program includes a robust set of on-demand pre-work courses, a live, in-person 3-day instructor-led workshop and lab environments for use throughout the program.

In this program, learners will build the skills needed to implement, configure, and activate a multi-solution Adobe Experience Cloud implementation. This training program covers developer-specific topics such as using Launch to integrate, Profiles & Audiences Core Service, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, and Adobe Campaign Standard with the Adobe Experience Manager staged implementation site.

Upon successful completion of the learning program, attendees will be able to:

  • Participate in client projects across Adobe Clouds - from the solution design through configuration, development, and activation of the solution
  • Ensure quality implementation through testing and troubleshooting of environments
  • Integrate specific Adobe Experience Cloud solutions
  • Articulate the value that the multi-solution Digital Foundation provides, based on direct hands-on experience during the 3-day workshop







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Kick-off call: October 1
In-person workshop: November 12-14

USD 2,700

Sold Out

Thu, Sep 19, 2019




Kick-off call: October 22
In-person workshop: December 3-5

USD 2,700


Thu, Oct 10, 2019




Kick-off call: November 26
In-person workshop: January 14-16

USD 2,700


Thu, Nov 14, 2019
AMERICASLehiEnglishKick-off call: Jan 07
In-person workshop: Feb 25-27
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Dec 26, 2019
AMERICASDenverEnglishKick-off call: Jan 21
In-person workshop: March 10-12
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Jan 09, 2020
AMERICASDenverEnglishKick-off call: March 3
In-person workshop: April 21-23
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Feb 20, 2020
AMERICASMcLeanEnglishKick-off call: March 31
In-person workshop: May 19-21
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Mar 19, 2020
AMERICASLehiEnglishKick-off call: April 21
In-person workshop: June 9-11
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Apr 09, 2020
AMERICASNewtonEnglishKick-off call: June 2
In-person workshop: July 21-23
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, May 21, 2020
AMERICASDenverEnglishKick-off call: June 30
In-person workshop: August 18-20
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Jun 18, 2020
AMERICASMcLeanEnglishKick-off call: August 4
In-person workshop: September 22-24
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Jul 23, 2020
AMERICASLehiEnglishKick-off call: September 1
In-person workshop: October 20-22
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Aug 20, 2020
AMERICASNewtonEnglishKick-off call: September 22
In-person workshop: November 10-12
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Sep 10, 2020
AMERICASLehiEnglishKick-off call: October 13
In-person workshop: December 1-3
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Oct 01, 2020
AMERICASDenverEnglishKick-off call: October 27
In-person workshop: December 15-17
USD 2,700REGISTER ›Thu, Oct 15, 2020

For more information about course fees, program requirements and more, visit the Multi-Solution Developer Program page on the Solution Partner Portal.