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Yow - I've lost the names of all my objects - they're all now "(no caption)"


Level 2

I was happily developing along when suddently my Livecycle seems to have lost all sense of being able to function.   I've closed/opened this document (and other documents - including those that work on another computer), restarted the application, and restarted the computer.     Help!   I didn't even know it was possible to fry a copy of the software application!

Okay, the name can still be found using the Object properties inspector - but I can't navigate and copy/paste stuff into the tree reliably any more!

I'm running Windows 7 on Livecycle ES .

Thanks for any and all ideas!


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Level 10

Check the XML Source for if the caption is available, if so you can still recover it by opening the form in another LiveCycle designer. Its just my guess!



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One of my co-workes recently ran into this issue.

if you right click in the heirchy area, there are a couple options:  show names; show captions; show both.

I'm guessing you probably have show captions selected.  Select show names and see if that helps.