xfa.sourceSet.Dataconnection is undefined

akp35673538 16-04-2017


I have a Livecycle designer 8 form and used dynamic dropdownlist with ODBC connection. After applying usage rights to the form using acrobat professional when i open with reader my first dropdown is showing records but the dependent dropdown in blank. If i open the same form with acrobat it is working (The second dropdown is populating records according to first dropdown).

when i debug in adobe reader it gives "xfa.sourceSet.Dataconnection is undefined".

My Javascript code for second dropdown preOpen Event :



xfa.sourceSet.City.first();   Error in this line.



if (xfa.resolveNode("$record.City.state_DCode").value ==xfa.resolveNode("Row1[0].presSTATE").rawValue)






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Karl_Heinz_Krem 17-04-2017

There are different usage rights, and only a small subset of them can be enabled in Acrobat Pro. Form rights - which are necessary for a database connection to work in the free Reader cannot be applied with Acrobat, you need server software for that: Forms and extension modules | Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4

Karl_Heinz_Krem 16-04-2017

You need Forms rights to make this work in the free Reader. These extended Reader rights cannot be applied with Adobe Acrobat, you would need the LifeCycle for Reader Extensions server software.