xfa.host.exportData() not working in Adobe Reader



Is it possible to use xfa.host.exportData() in a form that will be filled out in Adobe Reader?

I have already used trusted functions, which works on Acrobat Pro, but not working on Adobe Reader.

A NotAllowedError exception is thrown on the JavaScript console.

NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method

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Answers (4)



You can't buy LCRE without a full LiveCycle ES server installation. It doesn't run on desktop machines, and prices for a complete ES license start at five figures plus the costs of a server to host it.




To use the exportData() method in Reader the form needs to be Reader-enabled by LiveCycle Reader Extensions, otherwise you can only execute it with Acrobat.

An alternative would be to submit the data ba mail as an XML file.

This requires also additional rights to work with Reader but those can be applied by Acrobat too.