XDC - Tray mapping



I'm trying to do so when you print from Adobe Acrobat/Reader it prints to a specific tray/bin in the printer.

Also, I'm sending a PDF that converts to a PCL and then prints.

So this is where I'm right now:

I created a paper type called "A4Tray3", that I can use on my Master pages.

So now I want to mapp "A4Tray3" to a specific tray/bin. I'm looking in the file "hppcl5e.xdc" and I'm trying to figure out where to write some PCL code that prints to the right tray. I have the specifics for the printer and all I need to know is where i write the mapping from the paper type to the tray for my printer.

Is it somewhere here?

<renderLib name="pcldriver"/>

        <!-- ========================================== -->

        <!-- OUTPUT SEQUENCES                           -->

        <!-- ========================================== -->

           <seq id="preDoc"><ESC/>%-12345X@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY=""&#13;&#10;<var name="staple"/><var name="jog"/><seq

       use="#PJLCmd"/>@PJL ENTER LANGUAGE = PCL&#13;&#10;<seq




   <seq id="postDoc"><ESC/>%-12345X@PJL RDYMSG DISPLAY=""&#13;&#10;</seq>



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