WSDL xml response to drop down list items



hi guys, I have a process setup in workbench which I call using a WSDL link.I

t returns an xml list of items I want to populate into a drop down list.

When I setup the WSDL link in designer the response is two text fields, one called element which doesnt return anything and one called document which returns the xml in this format...

<?xml version="1.0"?>



<InterTypeDescription type="nvarchar">Assessment</InterTypeDescription>

<InterCode type="nvarchar">IVNAIA</InterCode>

<InterCodeDescription type="nvarchar">Initial Assessment</InterCodeDescription>



<InterTypeDescription type="nvarchar">Assessment</InterTypeDescription>

<InterCode type="nvarchar">IVNAOA</InterCode>

<InterCodeDescription type="nvarchar">Ongoing Assessment</InterCodeDescription>



in designer, in the list items dialogue I have set the bindings to:

Items:           !connectionData.getIntervention.Body.invokeResponse.Interventions.document

Item Text:      $.Interventions.Intervention[*].InterCodeDescription

Item Value:      $.Interventions.Intervention[*].InterCode

(it would not allow me to drill into the xml from here, i could only go down to document level so I manually write the item text and value boxes.

When i invoke the web service there are no items in the drop down. the only way i can get something to appear is by using item Text $ whichreturns the entire xml response.

where am I going wrong?

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