Wrap text to next field without words getting cut off



Hi,  I have 3 textfields that will tab to the next field when full

//will tab to TextField13 once field is at its limit


The problem is when text is at the end of the field and the word is too long, the word will get cut off.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening - have the complete word go to the next field?  Also, is there a way to delete text using the backspace button after the text goes to the next line. Meaning if my text tabs to the next field, I want to backspace to the previous field?





Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Thanks for your response. When I type in Field1 it will overflow to the next field, however, the word that overflows gets deleted when I keep typing.  I typed "If I keep typing in this field".  "this" overflows and when I continue to type "field", "this" gets deleted and I'm left with "field".  See 2 screenshots below.